UnlimitedHand joins Arduino atHeart!
UnlimitedHand joins Arduino atHeart!


UnlimitedHand is officially licensed as an Arduino atHeart product. UnlimitedHand complies with Arduino’s high hardware standards and is re-programmable through Arduino’s IDE – The environment that taught many hobbyists out there how to tame their electronics to fuel inventions.

Arduino, with their commitment to open-source, has reached out to muster a great force of makers and inventors. In the form of a product, we distribute our gesture recognition and haptic feedback technology to this community.

We wish to lay down the foundations and vocabularies to encourage the development of haptic- enabled experiences. Let us anticipate games that will fully immerse us into the virtual!

UnlimitedHand’s atHeart page can be reached here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/ArduinoAtHeart/Products

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