“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.3@Akihabara” will be held! & An apology for previous hackathon.
“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.3@Akihabara” will be held! & An apology for previous hackathon.

H2L will hold an Hacking event “UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.3 @Akihabara”!

We will hold a third Hacking event of haptic game controller UnlimitedHand!
This hacking event is for the developers who are interested in UnlimitedHand.
For example…
●someone who want to use UnlimitedHand
●someone who can’t use UnlimitedHand as it’s supposed to be used
●someone who want to see the possibility of UnlimitedHand

We H2L. Inc. , the company developed UnlimitedHand, will hold this event, so we can support you developing UnlimitedHand directly and answer the questions you have. This must be really good opportunity for you and also us!

“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.3 @Akihabara”
22h Apri,2017 SAT 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

Making an contents with connecting UnlimitedHand and Unity


22th April,2017 Saturday 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

UnlimitedHand(If you already got it. We can provide it.)
PC (installed over Unity5.4) and the charger.


The participant terminals
・Be 20 years old
・The Developers who can use Unity, and prepare for development by themselves


BRIDD AKIHABARA 3B 1-13-9, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
BRIDD AKIHABARA rental space, office 3B



>>Details & Apprication is here!<<

※if the participants become over the capacity, the participation will be the selection.
Please read the details and rules of this event before you apply it.
The deadline of the application: 17th Apri MONDAY 10:00 AM



An apology for the previous event “UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.2 @Akihabara”?

We are really sorry about the delay of starting the previous event because of our circumstances.
We will keep improving the management of events and of course our product with your voice, so please continue to expect for it.

H2L, Inc.



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