“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.2 @Akihabara” will be held!
“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.2 @Akihabara” will be held!

H2L will hold an Hacking event “UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.2 @Akihabara”!

Continuously the First Hackathon of UnlimitedHand in March, we will hold the next hackathon of UnlimitedHand on 8th April!

anyone who is developer and interested in UnlimitedHand can participate in this event.
You can talk and get support by member of H2L, so it’s going to be great opportunity if you want to develop something with UnlimitedHand.

“UnlimitedHand Hackathon Vol.2 @Akihabara”
8th April, 2017 1PM~6PM
Worker’s Club Akihabara・Ochanomizu
Held by H2L, Inc.

details &submition is here
※there are few seats in this event, please submit earlier.
Dealline: 6th April, Thursday, at 10 AM.


an series of event that had support by sony in sony Creative Launge.


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