The History of UnlimitedHand

September 17

Tokyo Game Show2015

This is the first time that we showed UnlimitedHand in public.
September 21

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015

The first time pitching about UnlimitedHand in the world.
September 22

Crowdfunding in Kickstarter

At the same time of Pitching in San Francisco, we started Crowdfunding in Kickstarter. We achieved our goal in 1 day, and over 300 Backers(funders) around the world supported us at the end of term.
October 7


We became the Finalist of "CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS 2015".
December 17

Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015

We were chosen as "A venture company challenging to the world". After Pitching, we got the Prize of audience.
February 2

Started pre-order for UnlimitedHand

March 14

Game Developer Conference 2016 in SF

We exhibited UnlimitedHand in "Game Developer Conference 2016". This is the first time to demonstrate UnlimitedHand in product version. IMG_0326-2
May 11

Started store UnlimitedHand in Japan.

In 11th May, 2016, We started to pre-sale UnlimitedHand in Japanese store "AISAN DENKI" and "ASCII STORE". 1_UnlimitedHand_VRDevelopment_FrontImageGame
May 27

UnlimitedHand sale in Amazon Japan and U.S.

We also stored UnlimitedHand in and .
June 20

The first Sony Startup Switch

We became Campion of the business contest "Sony Startup Switch" that Sony Acceleration Program sponsored.
June 25

Launch Pad – Infinity venture Summit 2016

We became second position among the many venture companies.
August 6

Maker Fair Tokyo 2016

This is one of the big event in this year. It was really good opportunity to let people know about UnlimitedHand.Slack for iOS Upload-2
September 15

Tokyo Game Show 2016

A lot of people visited out booth and tried UnlimitedHand. It was very livery! スクリーンショット 2017-05-10 午後5.42.56
October 4


We exhibited prototype of UnlimitedHand in 2015, but in this year we could showed product version of UnlimitedHand.
November 18

Studying & Hackathon of UnlimitedHand

Under the support by Sony Acceleration Program(SAP), We held the studying & Hackathon of UnlimitedHand in several days. The contents that Developers made were really unique ones.
December 21

” What happened in the first year of VR?” by Mogura VR

The year 2016 was called "The first year of VR" and we exhibited and demonstrating UnlimitedHand in this event at the end of this year. We not only had our sample games but also had the contents that was made in Hackathon of UnlimitedHand. image: milking VR
January 16

Exhibited in Sony building

As a Campion of "The first Sony Startup Switch", we exhibited UnlimitedHand in Sony building 5F, Innovation lounge, First Flight. We did talk event several times during the term. sony2
February 7

Wearable Technologies innovation World cup 2017

This is the conference in Munich Germany, and it was the first time to announce about UnlimitedHand in Europe. UnlimitedHand became the Winner in the category "gaming & Lifestyle".
February 7

Amazon LaunchPad & Arduino at Heart

At the same day, We announced that UnlimitedHand participated in Amazon LaunchPad and Arduino at Heart.
March 21


We exhibited UnlimitedHand in this event that was held by ASCII STARTUP.
March 25

UnlimitedHand Hackathon @Akihabara

We hels UnlimitedHand Hackathon in Akihabara. We are really happy to let participants use UnlimitedHand better.
April 9

Appeared in TV program “Science ZERO”

UnlimitedHand was introduced as a gaming controller that has the newest technology.
May 11

A big thank you to all UnlimitedHand fans!